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Ventures Park is a curated co-working space in a serene environment where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and brilliant minds who share common attitudes, interests, and goals can express their creativity, collaborate, and build their dreams.

The co-working space needed to revamp its website to provide a better insight into the types of facilities, plans, and benefits it offers in order to delight visitors and convert potential customers.

Aerial view of Ventures Park

My role

I functioned as a full-stack designer on this project while working with a project manager and backend developer at Crackle Labs.

I conducted UX audits on the existing site; explored multiple ideas; developed flows; created wireframes; designed visual layouts; built them up; and ran quality tests.

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Desktop and tablet view

Approach & outcome

The new website relied heavily on visuals. I performed preliminary site assessments and considered how to promote their unique selling proposition by utilizing these assets effectively.

I also followed a style guide; paying close attention to the use of colors, typography, tone of voice, and messaging. The site content was also provided, making it easy to develop a layout strategy that was used on all web pages.

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I really enjoyed working on this project as I had full ownership and control over the design direction. I also had solid communication with Crackle Labs and the special project team at Ventures Park.

Since Crackle Labs was a technical partner of Ventures Park, I documented and sent them all the necessary files. After deployment, the new website contributed to boosting Ventures Park’s business as it observed an increase in community members over the following weeks.