What I do

My work sits at the intersection of art, design, technology, and innovation to help build remarkable businesses and drive social impact.

I utilize my interpersonal, creative, and technical abilities to craft thoughtful digital and brand experiences that deliver value.

With 8+ years of in-house, agency, and consulting experience, I’ve collaborated with cross-functional distributed teams and led design efforts on B2C and B2B digital services across diverse sectors.

Occasionally, I help budding designers maximize their opportunity for growth and partner with nonprofits to build unique experiences for their causes that align better with their goals.


I’m fully independent, partnering with businesses to maximize their opportunity for growth through thoughtfully crafted digital and brand experiences. I also work with organizations, agencies, and startups as an extension of their product or design unit.

Occasionally, you’ll find me giving design mentorship via platforms like ADPList and MentorCruise.

Sometimes, I design for social good via benefit.design and contribute to open-source projects via OSD.

I recently enrolled in IBMI’s Innovation Management program to learn how to drive change at a more strategic level, and I’ll be documenting my learning here.


My approach to design and problem solving has evolved over the years. Now, I employ a data-driven strategy or research-led approach to tackle challenges, be it a brand or product initiative.

This way, I’m able to help my team, company, or client make better-informed decisions on their product or service while challenging assumptions and optimizing for growth.


I come from a creative and technical background. In 2012, I taught myself graphic design and I’ve evolved since then.

Among other professional qualifications, I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science (2015) and a postgraduate degree in creative technology (2019).