Eze is an automated B2B marketplace for trading electronics in wholesale quantities. I joined at a crucial time in the company’s growth and expansion plans.

My role involved leading a small design team to define, shape, and improve brand and user experiences across the internal and customer-facing systems.

I also collaborated with the distributed cross-functional team members to support product development, marketing, and growth-related efforts.

Below are some highlights of my work on the shop experience.

Case studies are available upon request.

Improving Navigation

I collaborated with the product team on a new navigation system. We wanted to redesign the customer journey because visitors were encountering Eze more on mobile.

During this process, we considered what a visitor may want to do when they first encounter Eze, which was to search for available devices. When designing the new navigation, we prioritized this.

Mobile navigation

To allow additional menu items, I added a secondary navigation bar to the desktop view.

Desktop navigation

The Marketing Site

Eze was expanding operations and trying to trade more device categories on the platform. To communicate this to present and future customers, we needed to redesign the marketing website.

Eze takes a content-first strategy; it aids in providing a clear direction for what is to be developed and how to organize the layout. I collaborated with marketing on the site’s content strategy.

During this process, we were able to consider specific elements of the main page that would compel visitors to explore and discover more about Eze. I collaborated with a designer on the site’s page’s layout and visuals. We investigated numerous possibilities and collaborated with other stakeholders until we arrived at a design that fit our goals.

The redesigned front page makes it simple to identify Eze’s unique value offer and the device types available on the platform.

Front page

Improving The Authentication Experience

In addition, we worked on establishing a new authentication system for Eze that was consistent with the style guide. To decrease the number of page transitions, I included a simple register and login popup form to allow visitors to rapidly authenticate.

New authentication

The Shop Experience

We optimized the shop experience by allowing consumers to do a filtered search for available gadgets on the platform. We considered the devices customers were purchasing and searching for the most; the sort of information on products customers want to see; how customers learn about pricing changes for devices; and how customers learn about the units available for a certain device during this process.

We then worked with engineering to brainstorm ideas for implementing filtering parameters for devices on the shop page. We also considered the feasibility of the new feature while also evaluating how it should operate for the various device categories.

Filtering feature

I also clearly differentiated between the grid view and the list view, so users are no longer confused.

Grid view

We experimented with numerous layouts on how to best display the pricing of devices based on their model and grade; provided information on the available quantity of a particular device; and provided information on the price increase or price drop of these devices in the list view.

The product pricing list view is a product grid view extension. Users may view the daily price fluctuation of devices on this screen. According to research, it was difficult for customers to keep up with market price fluctuations, and this screen was created to alleviate that problem in real-time.

List view

Category filtering in action

Category filtering

The Product Detail Experience

According to research, users demanded more information about the products in order to make an informed selection. To address this, the product detail screen was optimized.

To prevent users from regressing backtracking on a device, they can adjust the parameters within a product category as they see fit. Users may also examine the most recent sale price for a certain product on this screen and decide whether to buy or make an offer.

Product details collapsed

The display of product information on this screen has also been improved so that users may simply open and close it. It makes the screen and card appear more balanced. I have optimized this screen to ensure that consumers understand shipping.

Users can choose between shipping inside the United States and shipping outside of the United States, as well as the associated delivery timeframe (ETA Delivery). I also focused on giving users access to more product images. These little nuances assist people in making an educated selection about a product or equipment.

Finally, Eze now takes payments through many channels, and I tried to make this information available to our users.

Product details expanded

Optimizing for mobile

Responsive view

The Checkout Experience

We revamped the checkout process in order to increase sales and conversion rates. A key source of concern was the high user drop-off rate. The user dropoff rate from the shopping page to the shipment page was high. Users continued to migrate from the shipping page to the checkout page.

As a result, the conversion rate is poor. In order to find a solution, I began by performing a heuristic analysis of all the pages that a user must visit in order to complete checkout. This was done to identify errors throughout the checkout process, determine the number of clicks necessary to place a purchase and identify potential usability concerns. I also conducted some competitive research to better grasp the general trends of a quick checkout experience.

Improving Checkout Navigation

We simplified the checkout process into three steps: cart, checkout, and confirmation. I also modified the checkout progress bar to inform consumers of their location in the checkout process.

Checkout navigation

Optimizing The Cart Experience

Users may now add more devices to their shopping cart and view the appropriate amount and available quantity of each item. This eliminates the need to return to the shop page to add further quantities of devices.

Shopping cart experience

Improving the Checkout Process

Users may now add extra shipping addresses when checking out and receive an estimated delivery date for their order based on their shipping location. We also considered providing new payment options for users. Users may pay on Eze with Wire Transfer, Paypal, Debit/Credit Card, and, most recently, Payment Terms.

Users are also provided a proper analysis of their overall amount at checkout, including the price of devices, delivery cost, buyer level, and discounts. Finally, we improved the checkout experience so that consumers may still update their cart as desired.

Checkout and confirmation