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Building an investment vehicle for Nigerians.

Design Lead
2019 - 2020


I was the design lead on Cashcow - a wealth technology product that aimed to provide Nigerians with tailored investment opportunities . We built an investment vehicle that recommends the best-performing assets in the financial market with strategies to guide people in making profitable investment decisions.

The Problem

Every day, Nigerians look for low-cost ways to grow their money, and Cashcow's mission is to make investment opportunities very simple and accessible to them, as opposed to the traditional methods. Cashcow collects users’ data and provides them with an investment portfolio of assets that suits their goals.

The Solution

The product should learn about the user’s investment history, current budget, investment goal, % amount of risk they can bear, and investment duration in order to recommend the best financial assets tailored to their needs or expected goal.

For instance, someone who plans to retire at age 50 will have a different portfolio of assets from someone who is investing for a holiday trip.

We intended to create a solution that could be used on a variety of platforms, including web, mobile, and tablet devices.
As a team we were faced with two major questions:

  • How can we make local investment opportunities be accessible to Nigerians?

  • How can we foster investment education in the process?

Design Process

Conducting Research

Although I worked with everyone on Cashow, at the initial stage I worked side by side with the product manager and a junior designer doing research activities, defining features, developing wireframes and prototypes, and also running tests.

The data we collected was a mix of both quantitative and qualitative. During the research, I issued out a questionnaire (using google forms) to potential users of different age groups and analyzed the answers on the questionnaire.

In the questionnaire, I was trying to understand users’ investment habits, motivations, challenges, financial tools, and instruments they are familiar with.
Myself and the Product Manager also went ahead to organize interviews with some of these potential users to gain more insights from their responses in the form.

Analyzing all our responses, we observed some common issues:

  • People needed someone to break down investing to them.
  • People were not familiar with investment but will love to grow their money.
  • People had savings but not investments.
  • People had used other platforms in the past but returns were quite low.
  • People don’t know what assets to invest in.
  • People don’t know what platforms to trust.
  • People want to be able to diversify their investment portfolios.
I also did a competitor analysis including existing investment platforms in Nigeria. From my analysis, I discovered:

  • Users are still having issues with trust.
  • Users would appreciate a more diversified portfolio of assets.
  • Users would like to receive recommendations on investment opportunities automatically.
  • Users would like to withdraw from their investments as they wish.

From all these, we had initial data to use to define features and functionalities for our solution. It was now also possible for the product team (design) to define users’ expectations and our design goals as well.

Cashcow’s Identity

The Marketing Site

The marketing site should give our prospective users a very good knowledge of Cashcow, its features, and its benefits. With this in mind, we decided to create illustrations and icons to support the visual layout of the site’s content. The illustrations should depict investment, growth, risk, business, saving, lending, etc. depending on the sections of the site they were being created for and as directed by the Product Manager. The site’s content was also developed together with the marketing and content specialist using buzz words and simple terms to sell the product’s features.

Marketing Site – Home Page, Invest
On Cashcow, users can borrow, save to invest and earn more interest than their typical banks savings account.

Marketing Site – Save, Borrow

The Onboarding Experience

Working with product and engineering, our first challenge was to establish a befitting onboarding experience for our users – such that they would have very good knowledge about Cashcow, what it does, and what it has to offer as well as also create an investment portfolio in the process.

User Onboarding
The onboarding experience took a series of iterations and testing. At the end of the onboarding experience, users are recommended a portfolio composition for their desired investment plan.

We found out that users would also like to edit their recommended portfolio composition to suit their needs.

A user gets to see and edit his/her portfolio composition

User Authentication

Minimal user authentication was created as being followed by the design system we developed for Cashcow.

Authentication – Log In/Sign Up

The User Dashboard

Design an intuitive user dashboard that shows a user how well his/her investment portfolio is performing.

Users can access all their investment plans, see which is on target or off-target to meet its investment goal, and calculate its current value and returns. Users should also be able to create a new investment plan easily.

User Dashboard showing a user’s account overview and current investments
On an investment plan, users can see precise information about all their investment activities including the type, deposits, start date, maturity date, investment composition, the total amount invested, estimated value, and investment risk.

This form of transparency helps build trust with our users.

Users can also decide to top-up an investment plan ether form their credit card or bank account.

User Dashboard – Investment Profile, Deposit
One of the key features that was important to users was being able to withdraw from their investment plan as they wish. We prioritized this when designing Cashcow.

Withdraw From Investment, Successful

Providing multiple payment options allows users not to be restricted when trying to create, withdraw or deposit into an investment plan.

Payment Method
The profile section helps users enter or update their personal information. It also helps Cashcow with useful data on the type or category of users investing with them.

User Profile

The Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is the hub of Cashcow. It gives insights into our users, investments plans, assets allocated, fund managers, and transactions being made on the platform.

The admin section helps Cashcow monitor her users’ activities on the platform. It also gives insights into what assets are performing well or not.

Admin Dashboard – Overview

On the dashboard, a user has a dedicated fund manager helping to implement a fund’s investment strategy and managing its trading activities.

Admin Dashboard – Investments, User Profile

Optimizing for tablet and mobile

Cashcow follows a responsive design pattern to ensure users can access their accounts across web, mobile, and tablet devices.

Left – Account Overview (mobile), Right – Account Overview (tablet)
Left – User Investments (mobile), Right User Investments (tablet)
Left – Create an investment plan (mobile), Right – Creative an investment plan (tablet)


Our cards employ a simple visual layout giving life to the product.

Simple card design used on Cashcow

Cashcow Design System

Cashcow’s design system follows a minimal pattern. Here are some components:

Typography and Buttons
Forms and Tables
Colors and Icons


Working on Cashcow exposed me to the world of investing. I got to learn more about investment, and the need to conduct thorough research.

We saw over time that not too many people were knowledgeable about investment, and the traditional methods were not helping either.

We were also looking to introduce more features such as saving to invest and investing a loan.

Unfortunately, Cashcow didn’t launch due to some financial reasons.


Thanks to the Caschcow product team (PM, design, engineering, content) or working with me in shaping experiences on Cashcow.